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Social Networks: Why does your business need them?

Networking works. Social networks are growing steadily and are not only a tool for keeping contact with friends and relatives, they are also a powerful tool for the corporate world: social networking sites can greatly benefit our businesses. There’s no denying their importance.

People have always been networking, but nowadays one can safely say that this activity has to a large extend migrated to the internet. We are social beings, and we spend our online time socially: sharing and creating content, chatting and most of all, commenting.

Social networks have paved the way for countless new possibilities for companies. It has never been easier for a company to reach its customers, nor so effectively. A Facebook user that ‘likes’ a company’s page for example, sends out a clear message: they are interested and want to establish a connection. According to Farrell Kramer, customers are interested to know about the ins and outs of the business. Being consumers, they want to know about bargains and specials. This makes for an effective communication channel. This connection can serve as a news channel as well: news and services can be announced directly.

Direct and even personalized communication is now possible. Customers are able to send feedback easily, by commenting on a company webpage for example. The exposure that social networks provide makes it easier for customers to find contact details. A company can create a positive, customer friendly and modern image for itself, just by the properly managing its online identity. Studies have shown that different network sites attract different users. This opens up plenty of opportunities for personalized or targeted advertising.

All these features and advantages are incorporated into Who’s Who of Southern Africa, the region’s foremost networking and personal branding platform. The site understands the importance of personal and business exposure and aims to provide a platform for professionals and businesses to see for themselves how online networking can work for them.

Who’s Who is a networking site that has been a recognised source of information for the media for more than 100 years. It is the leading personal branding platform for professionals in Southern Africa. A profile on the site can help you distinguish your business online and provide a new channel to communicate your successes and market your products. Browsers will easily find their way to the information you showcase due to our excellent search engine ranking.

Social networks are here to stay, and creating and managing an online reputation is part of business strategy, for all the reasons discussed above. Still not convinced? Go online and see for yourself.

By Laura Macek, Journalism and Content Intern at Who’s Who

The Public Life of Your Personal Brand

Written by Walter Akana

Have you ever stopped to think about how you’re managing your public life? Okay, maybe you’re wondering,  “What public life?”

So, let me explain.

Most of us will agree we have a personal life and we have a work life. Yet, we don’t usually think about having a “public” life. We know politicians and celebrities have public lives. But think we do not. Yet, the reality is that your success is driven by the positive regard of others. Though you may not have looked at it this way, your reputation exists by virtue of the way your public sees you.

Actually, because you know your professional presence online is important, you no doubt have a LinkedIn account. And there’s a good chance you’re on Twitter.  You may even have worked to build your personal brand with online profiles that include your unique attributes, motivated skills, and other information you hope will attract people who may be able to hire or do business with you. While you might not have thought of it this way before, your web presence is one facet of your public life.

Still, your public life cannot be contained inside passive online profiles. It needs to be dynamic. If you want to earn positive regard of others and attract opportunity, you need to “put yourself out there.” As principal ambassador of “brand you,” you need to regularly engage with the people who make up your audiences, both online and at face-to-face meet ups! It’s the only way you can make the kind of emotional connections with people who can support your success. Think of it this way: No connection, no brand.

Yet, if you think of this as “networking,” it will seem daunting. It’s not. So, don’t think of it that way. Instead, think of your public life as ongoing conversations that are intended to help you get to know and establish friendly relationships with members of your community. To build those relationships, your focus, needs to be on them. Not you.

This is not new idea. A wise man once said:

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

That man was Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People.  As I see it, Carnegie offers timeless advice with ongoing relevance. In his writing he capture the essence a successful public life. So, if attracting the positive regard of others is important to your personal brand – and it is – you would do well to (re)discover his principles.

So, how are you managing your public life?

Written by Walter Akana; @WalterAkana

Build a Brand ‘You’

“Your premium brand had better deliver something special or it’s not going to get the business”

Candid words, from probably the most successful investor of the 20th century, Warren Buffet, but these are hard words to live up to when it comes to building a successful personal brand.

Personal branding to put it simply, it is telling people who you are and you can do. It will allow you to attract opportunities that you’ve always wanted to come straight to you rather than you having to go out looking for them. Building a personal brand is not easy…it requires a shave to build a strong foundation.

Tell them who you are and what you do – From knowing who you are, people will be able to know your characteristics, work ethics, the services/products that you offer and how they can find you. This is a personal journey that requires you to define yourself and what your passions in life.

Be Different – First do your homework. Look at other personal brands and see what unique attributes they have and then… do not to be them. Instead figure out your unique qualities. Ask friends and family. You may not be aware of your unique attributes. For instance punctuality… you may not appreciate your neurotic need to be on time everywhere you go but customers wanting your products and services will definitely want to work with you.

Networking – The evolution of the Internet has allowed us to reach out not just to our family and friends but even to potential business partners, employers, customers, and even investors. Build your network not just online but also offline. Visit conferences, product launches, join professional organisations in your field of expertise and let your extended friends and family know what you do and how to get in contact with you.

Grit, Determination and Consistency – At the end of the tale, it was the slow-paced turtle who won the race, not the overconfident hare. Why? Grit, determination and consistency. Don’t keep changing your jobs randomly. Find a passion (read something you are good at) and stick to it. This will make building your personal brand easier.