Are you in a career rut? 5 ways to tell


Feeling like your professional life is going nowhere slowly is usually the first indication that you’re probably right. To be sure, here are 5 more questions to ask yourself:

1. How long have you been responsible for the same tasks?

It is important to recognise whether or not your current tasks have changed for the duration of your employment. If there has been no increase in the amount of daily tasks or responsibilities you’ve been given in two or more years, your career may be stalled. Your employers would have granted you more opportunities if they thought you’d be able to handle them well.

2.  When last did you learn a new skill?

If you have not learnt new skills that add value to your current role, you may not have the ability to take on new roles or responsibilities. Your workload may even have decreased and distributed to your colleagues that are more efficient and resourceful.

3. Does your Performance Review indicate that you only meet expectations?

Words that describe you as adequate, meets expectations and satisfactory indicate that you lack initiative, determination and ambition. You are therefore more likely to be overlooked by management.

4. Have you been overlooked for a promotion?

If your answer to this question is yes, you need to understand why. You need to offer increasing value to the company through personal growth and following emerging trends in your industry.

5. Do you dread going to work?

You should have a passion for what you do and look forward to interacting with your daily tasks – not only for the benefit of the company but for your own personal well-being too. If you’re just going through the motions and you’re looking forward to the end of the work day, it may be time for you to look for something new.

Before you jump ship, arrange a meeting with your boss. Having a proactive attitude is beneficial to both you and the company since you’ll know what aspects to improve on, what is expected of you and how to exceed those expectations. Your boss will begin to notice your sincere aspirations too.