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Social Networks: Why your business can’t do without them

Social networks are growing steadily. They are no longer just tools for keeping contact with friends and relatives, but have become powerful tools for benefiting businesses. 

Why businesses need SN

As social beings we spend a good part of our time socializing online: creating and sharing content, chatting and commenting.

Social networks have paved the way for countless new possibilities for companies. It’s never been easier for a company to reach its customers, nor so effective. A Facebook user that ‘likes’ a company’s page for example, sends out a clear message they’re interested and want to establish a connection.

Direct and even personalized communication is now possible. Customers are able to send feedback easily, by commenting on a company webpage for example. The exposure that social networks provide makes it easier for customers to find contact details. A company can create a positive, customer friendly and modern image for itself, just by the proper managing of its online identity. Studies have shown that different network sites attract different users. This opens up plenty of opportunities for personalized or targeted advertising.

Who’s Who in Kenya understands the importance of personal and business exposure and aims to provide a platform for professionals and businesses to see for themselves how online networking can work for them.

Social networks are here to stay, and creating and managing an online reputation is a part of business strategy, for all the reasons discussed above. Still not convinced? Register on Who’s Who in Kenya and see the results for yourself.

These people will so amazing things for your career

These people will do amazing things for your career

We’ve all heard how vital networking is for our careers. And it’s true, building and maintaining strong relationships is critical for any professional desiring greater success.

Now, in order to reach career success, you need to accumulate what researchers have dubbed the “social capital”. Defined as the collective value of all “social networks” [who people know] and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other [“norms of reciprocity”], a diverse group of talented people can help you achieve the most impact for your professional success.

So here’s a list of important people you should be associating yourself with:

The finance guru

Your financial success can sometimes depend on the company you keep. A financially savvy friend who has clear financial goals and pursues them will encourage you to take care of your own financial well-being.

The connector

Maintaining relationships with people who thrive on socialising, makes it easier to connect to people who will help you in your career. Nowadays, it’s all about relationships; for each connection you have, you connect to their connection and their connections’ connections. The ripple effect is good for keeping relationships going when you need to reach out to someone.

The mentor

Building a relationship with someone who inspires your career direction is important in shaping your career path. When choosing a mentor, it is important that you associate yourself with someone who will have a holistic impact on your life. A good mentor will offer a balance between cheering you on and calling you forward and making sure that you don’t settle.

 The innovator

Maintaining a relationship with someone who is always on top of your industry innovations will not only ensure that you are always kept abreast of the latest developments, but they’ll also motivate you to tackle new challenges. Entrepreneurs also have a knack for solving problems creatively which will be of help to you.

The leader

They say “success breeds success”. When we see someone we admire obtain success, we too believe we can obtain it. Your four former bosses or industry leaders are important in this case, especially in offering advice about those tough career questions. However, unlike mentors, leaders offer a purely professional point of view.

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