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4 Time-saving apps you need today

Have you accomplished everything you set out to do today? If not, it may be that efficiency is holding you back. With an array  of apps available for your every need, there’s no longer a reason to rush through one task to jump to the next (only to get nothing done).

We’ve picked 4 essential apps to get you started:


EvernoteEvernote allows you to create notebooks in which to organize your thoughts, ideas and notes. A “note” can for example be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage, a photograph, or voice memo and can have file attachments. No more paper writing or using the basic notebook on your phone. With this app, it is way easier!


Any.Do enables you to easily manage your daily tasks. The layout of this app looks smooth and simple to use, and it allows you to add and complete tasks with reminders that can be personalised based on their importance.



RescueTime gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time on your smartphone or computer. For example it’ll indicate how much time you’ve spent tweeting or writing emails. It’s a very helpful app to increase your productivity!


Hootsuite gathers all of your social media profiles into a single dashboard so you can easily monitor and update all of them quickly and easily. It lets you schedule status updates on any social network, stay up-to-date with your friends, followers and more from your phone or desktop computer.

Social Networks: Why your business can’t do without them

Social networks are growing steadily. They are no longer just tools for keeping contact with friends and relatives, but have become powerful tools for benefiting businesses. 

Why businesses need SN

As social beings we spend a good part of our time socializing online: creating and sharing content, chatting and commenting.

Social networks have paved the way for countless new possibilities for companies. It’s never been easier for a company to reach its customers, nor so effective. A Facebook user that ‘likes’ a company’s page for example, sends out a clear message they’re interested and want to establish a connection.

Direct and even personalized communication is now possible. Customers are able to send feedback easily, by commenting on a company webpage for example. The exposure that social networks provide makes it easier for customers to find contact details. A company can create a positive, customer friendly and modern image for itself, just by the proper managing of its online identity. Studies have shown that different network sites attract different users. This opens up plenty of opportunities for personalized or targeted advertising.

Who’s Who in Kenya understands the importance of personal and business exposure and aims to provide a platform for professionals and businesses to see for themselves how online networking can work for them.

Social networks are here to stay, and creating and managing an online reputation is a part of business strategy, for all the reasons discussed above. Still not convinced? Register on Who’s Who in Kenya and see the results for yourself.